About Urban Smart Bellevue

What is Urban Smart Bellevue?

Urban Smart Bellevue is a partnership between Puget Sound Energy and the City of Bellevue that aims to make the downtown core a smarter, more efficient, more sustainable place to work by helping businesses take action to reduce collective annual energy use by five percent.

Why get Urban Smart?

To put it simply, it makes your community better! Five percent of electricity is easily saved and directly attributable to energy wasted by everyday actions.

Most of us don’t know that through a few simple actions, we can have a real impact on the energy our buildings consume, and, in turn, have a direct impact on the economic and environmental health of the places we work.

It’s our daily decisions about turning off a light switch here or a computer there, using the revolving door, or unplugging a cellphone battery charger. Easy, right?

As it turns out, getting people to change even the simplest of behaviors can be a challenge. Now, this is where you come in.

Giving that gentle nudge, putting up a quick reminder, or planning a fun campaign with rewards is sometimes all it takes to get people to realize they have an impact and can affect change.

Urban Smart was born with the idea that there is no better time to affect positive change in our community than now and no better place than the one you go to every day–work!

It is easy to get engaged in Bellevue’s future.
Being more energy-efficient can be your first step in that journey.